Bacon shot glasses dipped in chocolate

Our love of bacon knows no bounds and over the years the number of different foods it can be and is paired with is limitless.

For those of you that haven’t been introduced to the combination of bacon and chocolate, this culinary creation may blow your mind and for the icing on the cake – your favorite shot beverage.

In lockdown times some of us are turning to culinary creations we wouldn’t normally consider. Recent reports of people enjoying their favorite tipple include claims it’s getting many adults through these tough times – as long as it’s not done in excess.

Here’s how to make bacon-shot glasses to enjoy with your lockdown partner or plan for that special occasion when we can all come together again. Alcohol is of course not required, your favorite beverage is all that’s needed here to offer the ultimate icing on the cake.

What you need for Bacon shot glasses dipped in chocolate and filled with whisky

  • Bacon
  • Chocolate (melted)
  • Shot glass
  • Your beverage of choice.


Cut 2 slices of bacon in half and wrap around your shot glass. Then roll another two slices of bacon around the glass.


Secure with toothpicks and put in the microwave for 3-5 minutes, stopping after every minute.


Remove from the microwave and carefully take out the toothpicks. Slowly pull out the shot glass and let it cool completely.


Fill any gaps in the bacon with melted chocolate and let it set.

Then fill with your favorite tipple and enjoy.

Please share this unbelievable creation with your friends and family.