You can now get “Mountain Dew” flavoured Doritos

Holy smokes!
Just when I thought I had seen it all – the good folks at Doritos comes up with this;
Doritos flavoured with Mountain Dew.

It seems to be coming from Australia, where instagrammer @junkbanter writes:
“Go home, Australia, because you’re officially the drunkest country on the planet right now. 😂 New Mountain Dew Doritos, which I swear to God is absolutely 100% real, just dropped in the Land Down Under. The back of the package promises the Lemon Citrus flavor of @mountaindew with the signature full-on crunch of Doritos. This shouldn’t exist but it does. Big shoutout to my man @nickvavitiss for sending over a pic, hopefully him and I can do a swap so I can review this clown show of a product. Curious and deranged minds can likely find these on the Internet in the near future.”

Since Doritos was launched back in 1964, they sure have been coming up with a lot of great (and as many not so great) flavours.

This is actually not the first time Doritos with Mountain Dew flavour pops up. In 2009 it was launched as a mystery flavour, with puzzles that consumers could solve to win prizes.

What new flavour would you like to see next?