23-year-old Nora: Hiding a spoon in underwear can save young women’s lives

Hiding a spoon in one’s underwear might sound crazy, but it’s actually a smart trick that can help save thousands of women from forced labor and the sex trade. Now, lecturer Nora Adin wants as many people as possible to learn and spread the tip in order to help save more women from forced marriage and other types of oppression.

“It’s important to address this now especially as summer holidays are taking off and so many people are traveling,” Nora told local newspaper Expressen.

When 23-year-old lecturer Nora from Sweden became aware of the number of women’s lives that are destroyed because of oppression, violent relationships and forced marriages, she came up with an ingenious idea. She would spread the “spoon-in-the-underwear” trick to women everywhere. And it is indeed a clever no brainer that can potentially save lives.

Facebook/Nora Adin

Here’s how it works:

If ever you risk being brought out of your country against your will or are in some way threatened at an airport and need to talk with a security guard privately away from your aggressor, simply place a spoon or metal item in your underwear before crossing through the security check.

This will mean that you will buzz as you pass the metal detecors and a guard will likely need to have you physically searched in a private room — without the presence of your aggressor.

That’s it!

I think this trick absolutely must be shared so that more women can be saved from all forms of violence. Please, do your part and help share this ingenious trick too so that more people can hear about it!