Finally! A simple and effective trick to make dirty window sills sparkle – in no time

Dirty windows are among the worst of household jobs to get done. You hope that nobody will notice and then they just keep getting worse and eventually this long arduous task has to be met head on, or at least we have to spend a lot of money for the experts to come in.

If the panes aren’t enough to keep clean the sills are often shocking on a close inspection and yet you can’t clean one without the other. If all this has to be done alone, get ready for a long long task ahead!

But, I recently saw a video of someone cleaning some very dirty sills with the aid of just two ingredients and now I use nothing else for a quick easy way to get rid of this built-up grime fast. The results are impressive. See for yourself how simple it is in the video below.

Photo: Youtube

Using a box of baking soda the lady sprinkles it onto the base of the window and then pours hydrogen peroxide on top.

She then waits five minutes and wipes all the dirt clean away with a rag. I couldn’t believe how easy and effective this was and had to try it for myself.

See for yourself how easy it is in the video below:

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