Can You Find The M&M In The Candy Corn? Many people fail to see this

We all need brain teasers to help keep us on our toes. With the amount of screen time we have each day, sometimes staring at one image can be relaxing for our eyes, not to mention our brains.

The image below requires a lot of staring as it’s difficult to spot the lone M&M and not everyone gets it straight away.

See for yourself and test your eagle eye against thousands of people who have already tried to find it.


In this very colorful and yummy pile of candy corn is a yellow M&M. Can you spot it?

Somewhere, among this pile o' candy corn, is a yellow M&M. Can you spot it?

Posted by on Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Hopefully the delicious image didn’t distract you by making you hungry.

But if you stared at the image for a long time and didn’t see it, just know we’ve all been there. It’s very frustrating.

Need a hint? Keep reading!

So in the yummy image above is a mini-sized yellow M&M, not a regular-sized one. So look for something small.

Still can’t find it?

Do you give up?

OK, here is the answer.


See, I told you it was tiny!

If you managed to find it or didn’t and want to see if your family and friends can, don’t forget to share this story.

And if nothing else you’ve helped work your gray matter today so all is not lost.