Can you solve this brain-busting riddle?

Living in such uncertain and strange times means it’s even more important that we have healthy distractions to keep our minds occupied.

For some that may be exercise, for others it may be playing board games.

One way we can occupy our brains is with a puzzle which not only keeps us distracted but exercises our gray matter.

Everyone is different and we all have certain types of puzzles we’re drawn to, from jigsaws to crosswords to sudoku, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes in the world of puzzles.

Commit to memory

Riddles, however, are handy when time is limited and you’d like to focus your thoughts on something other than the world outside your door.

You can look at those four lines, commit them to memory and take them away with you to puzzle over.

This particular riddle seems to have everyone stumped but sometimes you have to store it to memory and let your subconscious do the work.

This riddle stumps most people as the mention of head and legs makes us think of an animal.

But as with most riddles you have to think outside the box and it may help to know that the answer to this one has no fur.

It’s also something that you probably see every day.

Wikimedia Commons / Gregory Smith

If you’re still stuck then it might help to know that this object is no longer used in Canada.

So, with a head, a tail and no legs in mind how did you fare finding the answer?

If this riddle stumped you then see below for the answer.

Wikimedia Commons

Yes the answer is a penny! It had heads, tails and is brown.

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