What does your fist say about your personality?

The art of palm reading has been performed for millennia.

By analyzing the lines on the hands, fortune tellers have long been able to reveal a lot about people’s future.

These days, people still use the same techniques, but instead of concentrating on wealth, death and marriage, they focus more on personality,

But in addition to looking at the lines on your palms, the way you make a fist also reveals a lot about your personality.

To find out more about yourself, clench your hand and take a look at the different personality types below.

It only works if you make a fist without without thinking too much about how you actually do it. You might think that everyone does it the same, but the fact is that the way we place our fingers and thumb is can be quite different from person to person.

I don’t really know whether any research has been done to back this up, but for me, at least, it was spot on.

In order to make it simple, we’ve called the personality types A, B and C.

Type A: Thumb at the side of your fingers

If this is way you make a fist, you’re a careful person. You’re sensitive, heartfelt and thoughtful.

You also understand others’ feelings and act accordingly. You’re an accessible and easygoing person.

Inside you’re well-organized, strategic and creative. You’re more of an introvert than an extrovert and like a balance of social engagement and being alone. You can sometimes be impatient.

Be careful in new relationships so people don’t take advantage of your kind, generous personality.

Be yourself, but be careful.

Type B: Thumb over your fingers

If you put your thumb over your other four fingers, you’re a charming, talented and charismatic person. You’re extrovert and everyone notices when you enter a room. You’re spontaneous and never say no to adventure.

But you’re also emotional, and you wear your emotions on your sleeve. Nobody mistakes how you’re feeling whether you’re happy, angry or sad.

You’re driven, ambitious and you have dreams you want to achieve, even if you keep them to yourself. You don’t trust that others will understand them.

Your work means a lot to you and you care about how you’re perceived by others. One thing you struggle with is people misunderstanding your intentions. Even if it’s their problem and not yours.

Type C: Thumb tucked inside your fist

If you hold your thumb closed like in the picture above, you’re an introvert.

Your thumb hides behind your other fingers just like the inner thoughts that you don’t want to share. You’re only close to a few people and you like being by yourself. Something you hate is drama.

You can’t handle liars and are drawn to people who are honest and straightforward. Basically, you only want to hang out with people who are honest and whom you can have a deep and meaningful relationship with.

You like to hang out for a while, but after spending a certain amount of time in social situations, you need to retreat. You can’t cope with people who waste your time.

You’re careful not to hurt others and nothing gives you as much tranquility as peace, harmony and personal space.


What personality type did you get?

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