How to fold a fitted sheet in less than 1 minute

Fitted sheets are in many ways an ideal invention. They’re easy to put on, they look great and they always stay in place…

In fact, they’d be perfect if it weren’t for one annoying detail: they’re impossible to fold when you want to put them in your linen closet.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I start from the right or left, top or bottom — or even if I try and fold them with zen-like precision and attention to detail. I always end up tearing my hair out and resigning myself to throw the wrinkly ball of a fitted sheet in the closet.

But no more. The woman in the video below has a trick that saves time, space and headaches. The video, by Jill Cooper, has been viewed more than 17 million times, and her method is much easier than you’d think.

To get started, hold your sheet lengthwise and grab it by two corners with the right side by your body.

Then, place the first corner over the other one.

Next, slide your hand down to the next corner and insert it into the two corners that you just lined up.

Then, slide your hand down to smooth out the sheet and repeat with the last corner.

Now, all four corners should be lined up and you’re ready to lay your sheet down on a table.

Smooth out the sheet and then fold it into thirds.

Then, fold it in thirds again, and voila — you’re done!

With this trick, your sheets will take up so much less space than when you haphazardly fold them. Amazing!

For more folding tips and to see exactly how it’s done, watch this super helpful video:

Images: Living On A Dime / YouTube

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