Expert trick helps tired orchids bloom again using just 1 ingredient from the kitchen

Having a blooming orchid in your house is a thing of pure beauty. For most of us, nothing compares to it.

Not many people are brave enough to have an orchid as they seem to require expert attention. Once the blooms have gone you’re just left with a green stick.

But I’ve found a very handy tip that helps revive flagging orchids and help make them bloom again. After trying it out my orchid looked like I’d just bought it.

orkidée, orkidé, orkidéer

Orchids seem to be fussy plants.

Although orchids are commonly found growing wild in tropical rainforests, they do not need heavy watering. But the methods I use on other flagging plants like watering, moving them to sunnier spots or changing the soil don’t seem to work as well with orchids.

But even if your orchids are looking tired, you shouldn’t throw them away.

A good trick is to rinse off all the soil and have your detergent at the ready.

Flickr / Kai Hendry

Yes, it may sound strange that detergent is the answer to tired orchids. But this trick, which Expressen writes about, seems to work.


1. Fill a sink with water.

2. Add a small amount of detergent and place your orchid plants in the sink.

3. Leave your orchid in the water for about five minutes, make sure the leaves are also cleaned with the solution.

4. Let the orchids drain, and then just put them back in their usual spot. Now you can enjoy healthier orchids!

orkidée, orkidé, orkidéer

This is such a simple trick and your orchids will be so much happier.

Feel free to try it yourself, and tell us how it went. 

And do not forget to pass on to your friends so that they can also keep their orchids looking beautiful with this simple trick!

Help your friends by sharing this tip with others who might be struggling with their orchids. They’re sure to thank you!