How many girls do you see in this mind boggling picture?

Do you love going on virtual treasure hunts and solving tricky picture puzzles? Good, because you’ve come to the right place.

I used to have more tricks and puzzles on the shelf at home, which I loved to look at, but since the rise of the internet, thousands of optical illusions, experiments and riddles have been emerged online, just a click away.

Over the years, I’ve gone gray over the many puzzles I’ve tried to solve, but they’re worth it for the feeling you get when you finally arrive at the answer.

This image below, first posted on Instagram by Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari, was part of a hashtag project about identity and when she posted it, Tiziana simply asked: How many girls do you see in this picture?

The girls are wearing identical dresses, their skin and hair are virtually impossible to distinguish and even their expressions are eerily similar.

First, I counted 13 girls and thought I was correct. For a moment, I had a feeling that this mystery wasn’t so simple.

After looking for a few clues online, I found that Tiziana often uses her daughters to model in her photographs. This made me exclude my guess of 13. The next thing I considered was how many mirrors were involved — one or two?

I noted the girls’ height, jewelry and hair length and realized the answer was probably a far cry from 13.

But how many are there really, two, five, seven? Talk about confusing!

Watch this video to find out the answer: 🙂

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