If you see square waves form on the water surface – keep away and warn others immediately

Of all potential hazards in the ocean there is one that we do not talk so much about: square waves.

This natural phenomenon is called a “cross sea” and while it’s mesmerizing to watch it can be extremely dangerous for anyone caught in it, including boats, surfers and especially swimmers.


Square waves
Wikipedia / Michel Griffon

This beautiful ocean phenomenon happens when the waves collide from different angles and form squares in the water. The image above is from Île de Ré, an island off the west coast of France where “cross seas” is a common occurrence.

It happens when waves from one weather system continue even though a change in the wind has created different waves.

The waves then run at an angle from each other causing this amazing sight.


When this ocean scene occurs  it can attract many curious spectators.

But what lies under this amazing sight are currents that can throw anything in its path up in the air, including something as large as a ship.

Experts warn to stay away

It’s hard to determine what has caused ships to wreck but researchers believe many vessels have capsized as a result of these cross seas.

Boats and ships are supposed to hit waves head on but if a vessel has waves coming at it from all angles it’s very dangerous.

You must always stay out of the ocean and warn others if you see criss cross waves. But please enjoy them from afar, or by watching them in the clip below.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/qjINfzQe09s” /]

The ocean is a powerful force that we must be wary of at all times, but especially when we see this mesmerizing view.

Please share this warning so that your loved ones can keep an eye on this too!