Is this the best Christmas gift idea? This ingenious trick is lighting up the net

I always enjoy buying Christmas gifts for people, surrounded by festive music and decorations; it can be so magical. But, what I don’t enjoy is wrapping them.

It can be a very frustrating process as the final wrapped present never turns out as I’d hoped.

Thankfully, this simple method of making a beautiful bow can add that extra bit of sparkle to your Christmas gift and best of all, it just requires a fork.

The video below has already attracted almost 10 million views on YouTube and you’ll understand why when you watch it.


You will need:

A fork
Two different colored lengths of ribbon
A lit candle


1. Take the ribbon and thread it through the prongs of the fork. Continue back and forth until you have several rows of threaded ribbon.

julklappar, presentsnöre, rosett, knep

2. Thread the other piece of ribbon vertically around the threaded ribbon, through the middle of the fork and tie together.

julklappar, presentsnöre, rosett, knep

3.Then secure with a knot.

julklappar, presentsnöre, rosett, knep

4. Carefully pull the ribbon from the fork and trim the longer pieces to size.

julklappar, presentsnöre, rosett, knep

5. Seal the ends by dipping them into the wax of a lighted candle. But as usual when dealing with fire: be careful.

julklappar, presentsnöre, rosett, knep

6. Then your sweet little bow is ready to be attached to the gift of your choice, or a Christmas card, frame or even your hair for that special festive party. So beautiful and so easy!

julklappar, presentsnöre, rosett, knep

Watch this easy bow come together in the clip below:

Feel free to pass on to someone who loves crafts and would appreciate this simple yet effective festive idea!