Wooden pallets: Here’s the cosy corner you wont be able to live without

Believe it or not: but a cozy patio in your backyard doesn’t have to cost a fortune — in fact it doesn’t have to costs anything at all.

Here’s something that will not only will save you an extra buck or two but it’s also a fun project to keep yourself busy with. All it requires is that you have to take the matter in your own hands and just pick up the toolbox … and some wooden pallets.

You might think pallets are things you find thrown out on the street or around industrial areas but that’s all in the past. Today pallets have become the hottest trend when it comes to interior design — just have a look at this brilliant cosy relaxation corner.

The project requires no prior knowledge, doesn’t take very long and is not expensive at all. And the best part of it all is that the end result will be something you never knew you couldn’t live without. It’s so neat.

Check out the idea below and feel free to share it further to inspire others!

You’ll need:

8 pallets
4 wooden planks (12 Inch x 47 Inch)
Paint color of your choice
Nails and screws

How are you going to build this cheap yet oh so beautiful relaxation spot?

Just have a look at the clip below and make sure to watch until you see the final result!

Imagine getting into this cozy spot and relaxing after a tough day of work. Wonderful!

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