Neighbors keep using his alley – so he gets revenge and builds a small house there. Take a look inside!

Anyone who’s ever been to Alexandria, Virginia has probably seen this: the skinny blue house squeezed in between two other houses.

The little house has a special history and background. It’s two stories high, about 25 feet (7.5 m) deep and 7 feet (2.13 m) wide. The house is so small that it has been called the “skinniest house in America”…

John Hollensbury built the little house in 1830. He was tired people driving horse-drawn carriages through the little alley by his house day and night. So he simply decided to plug up the space with a new little house.

Then 160 years later in 1990, Jack and Colleen Sammis bought the house so they’d have a place to stay when they visited Alexandria.

And while it’s tiny, there are loads of nice features packed inside! For example, it has a fully equipped kitchen, a small but beautiful back garden and a lot of storage space. When you take a look inside, you’ll see what a fine job they did with the interior decorating, especially if you think about how small the house actually is.

Take a look inside here:

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