Why you should never pour leftover pickle juice down the drain

These days, it seems that more and more people are discovering the benefits of eating fermented foods like kimchi, kombucha and our old favorite: pickles!

But did you know that the liquid that’s left in the jar after you’ve eaten the last pickle can be used for so many things, it might as well be called liquid gold?

You probably pour it into the sink. But after reading this, you’ll never do that again. Here’s our list of 13 things you can do with leftover pickle juice.

What’s in pickle juice?

Good question! It basically consists of water, vinegar and salt.

1. Settles upset stomachs

It might sound hard to believe, but the acidity of pickle juice can balance your stomach’s PH value, making your stomach feel much better.

2. Soothes mosquito bites

Do you have an irritating mosquito bite? Dab it with a little pickle juice. The vinegar in the brine will soothe your skin and make it stop itching. Just remember to use moisturizer later so the pickle juice doesn’t dry out your skin.

3. Relaxes muscle cramps

Pickle juice is surprisingly useful if you suffer from muscle cramps, both in the moment and as a preventive measure.

Researchers aren’t certain why people get cramps, but dehydration and salt deficiency are said to be among the reasons. Brine contains high levels of sodium and potassium, so it could be a good idea to drink a shot or two of pickle juice before exercising if you sometimes get cramps.

4. Cures hangovers

Hangovers are never fun. So to save yourself a lot of suffering, try drinking a 100 ml of pickle juice when you wake up in the morning. The salt in the brine is said to work wonders.

5. Cleans copper

Most of us have some copper items at home, but after a while they always turn green.

Try dipping a rag in pickle juice and then polish your copper with it. You’ll be surprised how quickly your copper will shine.

6. Preserves food

Have any veggies at in the fridge that you can’t finish before they go bad? Soak them in pickle juice and they’ll last a week longer than they would have. Plus, they’ll taste divine!

7. Spices up drinks

You might not think you could convince dinner guests to drink a pickle juice cocktail, but this recipe has seduced more than one person… Pour a shot of vodka and a shot and a half of pickle juice over ice. Shake well and pour into a martini glass. Remember to drink with moderation!

8. Soothes heartburn

A little pickle juice mixed with a spoonful of honey can relieve heartburn, according to some.

9. Kills weeds

Spraying weeds with pickle juice is an easy way to clean up your garden or stone patio. Simply sprinkle some brine over your pesky weeds and they’ll soon disappear.

10. Makes food more delicious

If you like making your own salad dressings or vinaigrettes, try substituting pickle juice for vinegar and say goodbye to your boring, old dressings. Some people also use brine to marinate meat and are quite satisfied with the results.

11. Relieves sunburns

When your skin is stinging after a day in the sun, dip some cotton balls into pickle juice and swab your sunburnt skin. The brine helps relieve the burning sensation and voila, you have your very own sunburn lotion.

12. Kills bad breath

Vinegar has long been used to remove odors, due to its germicidal properties. Foul breath is sometimes caused by bacteria in the mouth, and maybe that’s why pickle juice is said to improve breath.

Tests show that drinking a shot of brine every day for a week days makes your mouth smell better.

13. Eases sore throats

When you feel a sore throat coming on, drink a spoonful of pickle juice. Vinegar is found in many household remedies and is said to be an effective, natural alternative to cough medicine.


I didn’t know that leftover pickle juice had so many unbelievable uses! I’ll never dump it down the drain again.

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