Police warning: Here’s why women should always carry a carabiner on their purse

Even though Christmas is over, there are still many people indulging in some post-holiday shopping.

The sales are in full swing, and lots of people are working their way through the stores trying to snap up a good deal. Some people are even so organised that they’ve already starting shopping for next year’s holiday celebrations.

Unfortunately, however, crowds of people make it easier for thieves to strike. Women are the most vulnerable target because many carry handbags that can easily be snatched once the victim turns their back.

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If you want to be proactive and make it a little harder for thieves to do their work, then The New Hampshire Police Department has a great tip for you.

All you need is a carabiner.

This tip is helpful all year round, and is just as useful for your summer vacation as it is during the busy Christmas period.

It’s easy to get distracted and turn your back to your cart when you’re shopping. And it only takes a few seconds for a thief to take advantage of that and grab your belongings.

So try this: when you leave your purse in a shopping cart, lock it in place with a carabiner.

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As most women know, we carry our whole lives in our handbags and it’s a nightmare if we lose it. In addition to losing money, it takes a lot of time to block cards, order new ones, order a new driving license and, in the worst case, also change locks in our home.

Since New Hampshire Police Department shared their clever trick on Facebook, it’s been shared across the country.

But there’s one thing that’s even more secure than this handy tip. Simply leave your bag at home, and only take the card or cash you need with you in a small, secure purse.

If you need to take a bag with you, make sure that it’s always closed, preferably with a zip if it has one.

If you’re not using a shopping cart, hang your purse across your body instead of just on one shoulder, and keep your bag near your stomach.

You can see the department’s post here:

A holiday shopping safety tip for women. When using a shopping cart as you browse through the store, keep your purse…

Posted by Windham, NH Police Department on Sunday, 10 December 2017

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