Polish your silver: The simple tip that makes your silver shine in no time

Silver is incredibly beautiful, and silver cutlery is always nice to bring out on special occasions. But silver has a downside: it gradually darkens and becomes yellowish, tarnishing its beautiful shine.

Frankly, for that reason, I have never quite bothered with it. It’s just so time consuming to bring it back to life, right? Wrong.

In this article, super easy tips are presented that show how to quickly and efficiently bring your silver back to life — without the use of chemicals or expensive solutions. Have a look at the article below, and feel free to spread these silver housewife tips with your friends. Who knows, they might thank you later!

Baking soda

One common housewife recommendation for polishing silver is baking soda. This magical substance, which works for everything between heaven and earth when it comes to cleaning, can also do wonders to your tarnished silver.

Start by placing aluminium foil in either a saucepan, the bottom of your sink or a plastic or glass bowl. Place your silver down so that it has contact with the aluminium at the bottom. Fill with boiling water, enough to cover the silver, and pour a few teaspoons of baking soda. It will start bubbling right away.

Let sit for about 10 minutes or until the coating is gone. Then rinse thoroughly in running water and polish with a cloth.

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It may sound strange, but toothpaste is another magical ingredient. The reason is simple: toothpaste often contains abrasives that clean your teeth, and this has the same effect on your tarnished silver. However, this is not a recommended method for any silverware that you are especially attached to, as this toothpaste method can scratch the surface.

To begin, just dab some toothpaste onto a cloth. Then rub the silver with the cloth, adding more toothpaste when needed.

Finally, rinse off your silver and polish with a dry cloth. The result will surprise you!

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Ketchup is another unexpected ingredient that will shine your silver, albeit not as time efficiently.

Ketchup contains acidic substances that react when in contact with silver.

Use it the same way as toothpaste — simply pour some on a piece of cloth, rub your item, then rinse. Done!

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For lightly discolored silver, it’s often enough to polish once. However, if your silver is extremely tarnished silver, you may need to redo the process a few times.

Keep in mind that if you have antique silver that you hold close to heart, you should consult a professional professional before attempting these methods. It’s always best to be on the safe side!

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Don’t hesitate to share these tips with your friends, so they can also try these smart home remedies to shine their silver quickly and efficiently. They’ll thank you later!