Put your brain to work: Can you find the mistakes in this number sequence?

We must never stop exercising our brain; it’s an organ that needs constant stimulation to work with precision.

One exercise that is so good for working our gray matter is picture puzzles.

Keep in mind that sometimes our brain can be tricked by our senses. That happens, for example, with the kind of puzzle you’re about to see and hopefully solve.

I love the riddles that help work my gray matter so when I came across this seemingly easy picture trick I just had to share.

The picture below looks like a straightforward sequence of numbers but it’s fooling thousands of people.

Give yourself ten seconds to spot the missing numbers.

Photo: Newsner

A glance over this picture and often your brain will automatically fill in the blanks without you realizing.

It took me a couple of attempts before I spotted the two missing numbers. Did you spot them straight away?

The answer

The missing numbers in the sequence are 11 and 32.

Did you spot them? Don’t forget to share with your friends and family and find out if they can solve the puzzle.