See if you can spot the missing numbers in this brain teaser – it’s left so many scratching their heads

The human brain contains some muscle but ultimately is a mass of gray and white matter, However, if we don’t treat it like a muscle, things can start to go.

We have to flex our so-called brain muscle to help improve our memory, and general functioning; it is after all our operating system.

Puzzles are the perfect way to give our brains a work out. When we’re working on a puzzle our body produces dopamine which is chiefly responsible for learning and memory.

A brain teaser is something that can keep our brains occupied for a while. See if this picture puzzle flexes your brain muscle. It catches so many people out.


This may look like a simple number sequence to you but it actually has some numbers missing.

Give yourself ten seconds to spot them.

It’s left so many people stumped.

People love scratching the heads over finding the right solution to a puzzle. What about finding one here?

This task requires speed and attention. Looking at every single number is not as fun.

Do we trust what we see the first time or do we need to check again?

It’s so interesting how our brain processes information. We tend to skip numbers believing they are all there.

But, can you spot what numbers are missing?

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The answer is that numbers 11 and 32 are missing. Did you spot this in under ten seconds?

Please share with your friends and family and find out if they managed to crack it.