Millions have tried this math puzzle and so many have failed: Can you handle the challenge?

It may be a few years since you were at school, but it really doesn’t hurt to refresh your memory with a little brain teaser every now and then.

So how are you at math?

Sometimes you can put your brain to the test with something you think is easy, only to be reminded of how much you’ve forgotten since your days in the classroom.

This math problem has lit up the internet, perhaps because so many people are being reminded of just that. They think they have the answer only to find they got it so wrong.

Can you handle the challenge?

This math problem may look very basic at first glance. If you know your math rules, then solving this problem is easy…

What’s throwing many people attempting this puzzle is which calculation to do first. You have to consider the parentheses, multiplication, division and everything else.

I have to admit I struggled with this puzzle when I first saw it, but it was so obvious once I saw how to do it in the video below.

6 ÷ 2 (1+2) =?

What is the answer? At first glance, you may get one number, but the solution may be another one.

It seems I’m not alone in tearing my hair out over this puzzle. The answer is simple – once you know how.

I got it wrong but I enjoyed the math refresher and it took me back to my school days.

What do you think is the answer? There is a rule involved in solving this puzzle that many of us have forgotten when it comes to math.

The puzzle has got so many stumped and has quickly spread online with millions commenting about it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

See if you can solve the puzzle, and then watch the video below to find out if you were correct.

Believe it or not, this math puzzle has had over 11 million views on YouTube.  So many people were surprised by the answer.

Please share how you did in our comments’ section and don’t forget to share this brain teaser with your friends and family.