2 young skaters stand eye to eye: Now watch when they lean forward and send chills up everyones spines

For many of us it’s a challenge to simply stand up straight in ice skates – and even more of an accomplishment if we can glide across the ice.

That’s why I was so blown away when I saw Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès amazing accomplishment in the 2017 European Skating Championship.

The French duo have come close to taking home the trophy in previous years, but have always missed out at the final hurdle.

And it wasn’t going to be any easier this time around. As they stepped up to the rink, the commentator declared that the previous competitors would be tough to beat.

But after years of previous attempts, Vanessa and Morgan were up to the challenge.

Wanted to prove everyone wrong

The pair gave it their all to prove everybody wrong and take home the sought after prize. They had transformed their routine, added some new moves – and practised until they could no longer stand.

Now the moment of truth was finally here. They shook off their nerves… and began their routine.

Their performance left the audience and the judges astounded – and won them the silver medal. A much deserved award!

I’m just blown away by their routine, especially at the 1.53 mark! Watch the clip below and get ready to be amazed:

Aren’t they incredible! I just had to share this clip with you.

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