Baby floats in pool and waits for dad to say ‘go’– now watch her next move

I’m not sure what’s more adorable than toddlers — except maybe toddlers swimming in a pool!

In this clip, sweet little 2-year-old Elizabeth shows off some incredible skills in the pool.

Elizabeth has been swimming since she was just 14 months old. Her parents Amanda and Adam Christensen had decided to take her to Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lessons. Her swimming skills have now become so popular, she even has her own Facebook page, Elizabeth Swims.


In this incredible clip, you can see how the swimming lessons really paid off. While it might appear risky to leave Elizabeth alone in the pool like that, it’s important to note that mom and dad are watching from very close by.

“In the video, my husband was not in the pool and she looked very much alone,” Elizabeth’s mom explains. “He said he was in the pool before, but he had wanted to stay on deck that time because she was starting to swim farther and it was faster to get to her by running across the deck and jumping in.”


Incredibly, Elizabeth manages to swim across the entire pool — practically using just one breath!


Watch Elizabeth’s amazing skills in the video below — and don’t forget to share if you thought she was as adorable, and incredible, as we did!