She bought a rusty caravan for $1000, now it’s a wonderful little home

When Mandi Gubler came home with a rusty old caravan from 1973, her husband was bemused to say the least.

Mandi found the caravan on Craigslist, and bought it for USD $1000.

Her husband, Court, scratched his head and asked: “What did you just do?”

Mandi was planning to renovate the caravan and build her own magical little getaway. And I have to say, what she created exceeds my wildest dreams!

No one other than Mandi could have guessed exactly what she had in mind when she bought the 1973 Bell Trailer, which she nicknamed “The Nugget”. 

But 4 months later, she would blow everyone away with the final result of her project. 


Mandi uploaded photos to her blog and documented the whole journey. 


When Mandi bought the caravan, it was in really bad condition, which is probably why it only cost $1000 to purchase. 


The panels on the caravan were water damaged, there were holes in the walls and the interior hadn’t been changed since the ’70s.

Mandi decided to tear out most of the interior of the caravan. But it was a much bigger project than simply adding some new covers to the seats. 

Vintage Revivals

Even the panels on the outside of the caravan needed to be ripped off.

And now, the first thing you notice when you walk up to the new caravan is the incredible paint job Mandi pulled off on the exterior. 


Talk about a lift for the exterior of the caravan! But wait until you see the inside… 


The trailer’s bunk beds and cabinets have been removed, making The Nugget’s interior less claustrophobic.

Mandi replaced them with a series of potted plants and smaller wooden shelves, above some brand new and much more cozy purple sofas.


The dark wooden panels have been replaced with a much lighter feel, including an eye-catching yellow feature wall. This helps to excentuate other fresh details, such as the new wooden door.


To compensate for all the shelves they ripped out, Mandi and Court opened up the caravan’s narrow bathroom and created a pantry. 

But best of all is the new wooden floor, which covers the old avocado green design! 


Isn’t it beautiful?


I can’t believe it only took them four months to transform this caravan. What an incredible job!

Now Mandi has her very own dream caravan. 

Now no one asks Mandi “What have you done?”. Instead they’re asking “How did you do it?”

Share the photos of this incredible caravan if you know someone who would love to stay here!