Boy buys painting for USD $2– months later he discovers something incredible

We all have our own hobbies and interests. It’s the small passions that make our everyday lives a little more enjoyable.

Some chase the excitement of parachute jumping, others are passionate about rock climbing and others feel most alive when surfing big waves. But of course there are many others who prefer quieter activities, such as reading or cooking.

And then you have people who love a mix of both. If you’re someone who likes a quieter kind of thrill, then antiquing could be the hobby for you.

The “hunt” for the big finds are truly a thrill, and you never know when you could be about to stumble on something that will have you living comfortably for quite a while!

In one episode of Antique Roadshow, the show’s youngest collector demonstrates just what kind are treasures are out there waiting to be discovered…

The boy brought a painting that he had stumbled upon and let the experts on the Antiques Roadshow assess it.

The boy had paid just USD $2 for the painting.

Across the table is David Weiss, expert on paintings, art and textiles. The boy explains that he likes to collect and sell glass, silver and art.

As the young businessman and entrepreneur he is, the boy describes in impressive detail the painting he has brought to the program.

“I found it at an auction in South Jersey. I got it for USD $2. I think it’s a watercolor, but it’s hard to see because there’s a UV-protective glass.”

David Weiss agrees with the boy – the painting is a watercolor.

When David and the boy continue the conversation about the painting, David points out that something has been drawn in the lower right corner.

To the surprise of the boy, the watercolor was painted in the late 19th century by a Dutch artist named Albert Neuhuys.

David asks: “You paid $2 for this? What do you think it may be worth today?” Let’s just say that the boy’s thoughts about the value of the painting are far from the real price tag …

Take a look below to see how much this painting is worth – and don’t miss the boy’s priceless response!

Can you believe that this young boy invested USD $2 in a painting that’s worth $1500?! Talk about an eye for art.

How wonderful that this young man has such a unique and valuable interest. I’m sure he has a bright and successful future to look forward to!

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