Carpenter transforms his van into a tiny home on wheels – one look inside and I’m speechless

Depending on where you are in the country, housing prices are making it impossible for most of us to even dream about getting on the property ladder.

But it is possible to find alternative living arrangements, and I love seeing peoples’ creative solutions to affordable housing and interior design.

Carpenter Dipa Vasudeva Das is just one of those people…

Just take a look inside his renovated van and try not to be left speechless!

This home-on-wheels is carpenter Dipa’s masterpiece.

When Dipa started working on his home, the van was just a shell.

In many ways, it was just like any other van – a means of transport that hundreds of thousands of craftsmen use every day.

Dipa started tearing out what little interior there was in the van. The idea was to turn the van into a home-on-wheels, where Dipa could live the whole year – regardless of the weather.

As he lives in Prague, he needed the van to be able to withstand both heat and cold, and provide protection against sun and snow.

As you probably understand, it’s not easy to build something cozy and nicely furnished in a van, but Dipa had a clear picture of what the end result would look like.

He wanted organic materials, and an Asian style influenced by the yoga world.

Dipa is a carpentry master, so it’s not surprising that his project turned out well…

Isn’t the inside beautiful? And Dipa hadn’t even started decorating yet…

To help the van stay warm, Dipa installed a stove. And of course, he built it himself from scratch!

Talk about cozy!

Here’s the van with a little more interior detail. Dipa likes to live minimally, to suit his nomadic lifestyle.

The front door of the house is stunning!

Notice that there’s also some storage space under the door.

Could you imagine living here? I could definitely see myself staying here for a few days!

Especially if there’s a dog included in the price…

The double doors at the back of the van have been painted and Dipa has also made space to store his bike.

There’s plenty of space in the van if you want to invite some friends over for tea!

Not too shabby, right?

Plenty of space for someone who likes to travel and discover new places!

There’s even a small kitchen with a sink in the van.

And when Dipa wants to sleep, he has a mattress ready so he can be more comfortable.

Luckily there’s a fireplace in the van for when it gets cold out.

It’s even cosier in the summer…

Great job, Dipa! I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with your creation!

I never thought it would be possible to transform a van into a beautiful little house on wheels, but this has me dreaming of living out on the open road… 

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