For 25 years he hid in a cave – when the inside was revealed, millions were left amazed

Some people get their kicks from cooking, others from gardening, others still from sports of a thousand different kinds.

Ra Paulette has a completely different calling in life.

25 years after entering a cave in New Mexico, USA, he revealed the inside – and it’s beyond fascinating.


Look up the word ‘dedicated’ in a dictionary, and you’ll probably see a picture of Ra Paulette beside it. If not, then someone needs to change the dictionary. For 25 years, Paulette isolated himself from the outside world, disappearing into a cave in New Mexico, USA. By way of a companion, he had his dog.

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Why, I hear you ask? Solely for the opportunity to create what he loves most. Yep, you guessed it: Art.

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What he did in the cave, is something truly extraordinary. With his tools, Paulette carved into the sandstone to create incredible works.

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When he invited people to take a look, it’s fair to say many of them felt like they were walking into a fairytale world. Try as we might, there aren’t enough superlatives to describe his masterpieces.

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No end of shapes and figures are to be found; both those that are bold in their magnificence, and those that are intricately detailed. Yes, you might have to pinch yourself to ensure you’re not in a dream; he did all of it by hand.

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But, not content to stop there, it isn’t just one cave that Ra Paulette has transformed into a work of art. He’s decorated many more – as many as a dozen – and says he has no plans to stop there.

Bildkälla: YoutubeSome of his carefully crafted caves boast beds for guests to sleep in. There’s also one that has running water.

Bildkälla: YoutubeBut Paulette is no structural engineer; he’s no architect. No; he is but a man who has found his passion in life.

When asked whether he is obsessed with his art, he answered only: “Is a child obsessed with playing? When you do something you love, and you are drawn to it, you want to do it all the time.”

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Bildkälla: Youtube

In the video below – one that has been viewed a staggering 23 million times on YouTube – we take a peek into Ra Paulette’s caves. Join us for the ride!

A man with such passion and drive for what he does. We hope Ra will continue to do what he loves for many, many years to come.

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