Girl dies in accident, then police find a note in her hand that breaks everyone’s heart

According to 1 in 10 teens will drive drunk. While teenage drinking and driving has decreased in recent years and numbers continue to drop, it’s still a problem that claims lives every single year. As long as teens continue to drink and drive, there will still be parents that lose their children much too soon.

The following note is a work of fiction, but it is incredibly important. Often, a person killed in a drunk driving accident did not consume any alcohol.

This heartbreaking note is important for parents, teenagers, and everyone else to read. Please consider the consequences of your actions before you choose to drink and drive. It could save someone’s life.

crumpled paper

Dear Mom,

I went to the party and I did what you said. You told me not to drink alcohol, Mom. So I drank a Coca-Cola instead.

I was so proud of myself, just like you said I would be. I didn’t drive home drunk, but some of my friends did. I did as you asked because I know you’re always right about these things.

Now the party is about to end, and everyone is driving home in their cars.

I sat in my car and knew I would get home safely, because of you, Mom.

I started driving away, but when I drove out onto the highway there was another car the and the driver in that car didn’t see me. He drove straight towards me. Now that I’m on the sidewalk, I can hear the police talking about what happened: The guy who drove the other car was drunk. There is blood everywhere now mom, mostly from me.

I’m trying not to cry, mom. But I can hear it in the EMT’s voice — I’m going to die.

I just want you to know I didn’t drink anything at the party. But lots of other kids did. The driver was at the same party as me, the only difference is that he chose to drive drunk. And I’m the one who’s going die.

Why do people do that, mom? Don’t they know that it’s destroying people’s lives? The pain is tearing through me now and it’s like a hundred sharp knives. The guy who crashed into me gets to live, Mom, and it’s not fair. I’m lying here dying and he’s just watching.

Tell my brother not to cry, Mom. Tell Dad that I love him. And when I’m buried, mom, write “Daddy’s Girl” on my gravestone.

Somebody should tell that guy that alcohol and cars don’t go together.

If only someone had told him. Then I could have lived. Someone should have taught him that it’s wrong to drive drunk.

If his parents had just told him what you told me, then I might still be alive.

It’s getting hard to breathe, Mom. I’m really scared. These are the last seconds of my life, and I’m so alone. I wish you could hold me, Mom, but please don’t cry. You were always there when I needed you.

I have one last question, Mom before I say goodbye.
I didn’t drink and drive, so why am I supposed to die?


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