Ice skaters perform the impossible, look at the incredible moves that leave the audience stunned

When Olympic champion ice skaters Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov entered the rink, the spectators had no idea that they were about to witness.

Personally I feel like Bambi on ice when I’m wearing a pair of skates, so what these two stars did on the rink makes me so nervous!

Nobody in the audience knew how risky the Russian couple’s routine would actually be. The smallest error could result in catastrophic consequences, while a perfect routine would earn them gold.

The two seemed relaxed as they slipped out onto the ice, but the farther into the performance they went the more advanced and dangerous their routine became.

Every move required their full concentration. The crowd was clearly on edge and even the commentator had difficulty hiding her nerves!

“The atmosphere in here is electric,” the commentator exclaimed.

Both Tatiana and Maxim have had careers as solo artists, but since 2010 they have competed together as a couple. What a great example of how you can become even stronger and better together.

With their eye on the prize and trusting each other, they managed to perform a perfect performance and win Olympic gold!

Check out the clip below to see this incredible routine!

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