Jerk blocks worker’s exit everyday, now watch when he’s fed up and gets his revenge

It seems many motorists live by their own rules once they’re out in traffic. You know the type: they make sudden U-turns, hit the gas when driving through residential areas – and park wherever they like without care for other drivers, pedestrians or the parking rules in the area.

Now, we don’t know how the driver in this story usually behaves in traffic… but day after day they would park in front the entrance of this truck company’s workplace.

Fed up, the drivers decided that it was time for an appropriate response.

When mechanic Raja Rahim was out on his lunch break in Birmingham, UK last week he was met with an unusual scene.

There, in the middle of the street, was a forklift truck… lifting a parked car across the road.

“The guy asked me if it was my car and if I could get it moved but I told him it wasn’t,” Raja told StoryTrender.

He explains that the car had been parked right in front of the truck drivers’ workplace, blocking them from driving in and out. And it wasn’t the first time a car had been left that way.

“We have customers who park next to next door’s shutters. We tell them not to but they do it every day,” Raja continues.

Dodging parking tickets

According to Raja drivers usually park in the spot to avoid paying the parking tolls in the area.

“We’re really close to the city centre and people don’t like paying for parking. I admit it is too expensive,” he says.

So, the two truck drivers took matters into their own hands… and drove up to the car in their forklift truck. They then carefully moved the car around – to a parking spot on the other side of the street!

Unfortunately, we don’t get to find out how the car owner reacted when they came back to retrieve their vehicle, but we can assume that they were at least momentarily confused.

See the truck drivers’ clever revenge here:

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