Native Americans honor marine at powwow – Marine returns the favor with moves no one saw coming

While we often see stories of racism and discrimination in the media, on June 21st, 2014, two men from two different cultures came together in what can be described as an inspiring display of fraternity, love, and respect.

On this day, the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma was holding their annual powwow.

A powwow is a social gathering held by many different Native American communities and this well-known event is a “celebration of homecoming and fellowship” amongst Bahkoje people.

“It is a way of renewing old friendships and building new ones”— something which is perfectly displayed in the following clip.

The powwow is also celebration of life. It is a full weekend of singing, social dancing, feasting and dance competitions.


According to The Bahkoje website, their powwow generally begins on a Friday evening with an event called the Grand Entry.

This is “a time when veterans, chiefs, royalty, and dancers make a grand entrance into the sacred arena.”

But during this particular event, in June 2014, things were a little bit different.

Lance Corporal Trey Kent was invited and had been honored for his service by the members of the Oklahoma tribe.

Later, to honor another veteran, he is asked to join in on a symbolic war dance. Not only that, he is dancing with his father, Vincent Kent, who was also active duty at the time.

This is also a changing of the guard, Native American style.

Watching the pair, side-by-side, creates a stunning juxtaposition: one is dressed in a military uniform while the other is dressed up in traditional Native American clothes — but both transcending cultural barriers, being joined as fellow warriors, but also as fellow men.

”We did not practice this dance because we are both straight dancers from the Ponca War Dance Society. That’s how come he busted a move like he did!”, Vincent Kent said.

Since being uploaded over 3 years ago, Hugh Foley’s video has been viewed more than 2,5 million times.

It truly is a stunning example of putting aside personal differences in order to connect with another on a basic, human level.

I thin this video is remarkable for a few reasons— but for many, it represents coming together, despite differences, to celebrate a common ground.

This is an amazing video! He is honouring the culture AND the uniform that he proudly wears. Bless you Marine, and thank you for your service to this great nation.

Despite our differences, when it comes right down to it, we are all human beings with similar feelings, desires, and beliefs.

This video shows an awesome partnership: Thats how we are supposed to be with one another instead of thinking some are superior. We are all equal in gods eyes.

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