Siblings in kilts give each other a hasty look: Seconds later the crowd goes crazy when they perform a daring routine

Bagpipes and kilts are proud Scottish traditions. But we’re not so used to seeing them on the ice during a World Cup.

John and Sinead Kerr aren’t just any ice skaters. And their performance in Sweden in 2008 made the whole world gasp.

The World Cup in Figure Skating was held in Gothenburg in 2008 when British siblings John and Sinead Kerr took to the ice in traditional kilts.

As most people know, figure skating is often one of the most fascinating sports to see live – and the Kerr siblings would be no exception.

They had prepared a routine that most people wouldn’t dare to attempt in thin, narrow ice skates.


Once they were on the ice, the next Scottish detail appeared: powerful bagpipes blasted from the speakers.And then the performance began.

During some parts of the performance it seemed as though the duo would fall at any moment due to their risky moves.

But they sayed on their feet – and delivered one challenging technical move after another.


The crowd went crazy, and it’s no wonder why. Talk about a mind-blowing performance!

Watch the routine below, and get ready to be blown away by these siblings’ incredible performance.

And watch out for what happens at 1:42…

Incredible, right?

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