Solo diner leaves mysterious note and disappears without trace – then waitress realizes she’s been chosen

There are times when life takes you completely by surprise — when you gasp and your heart skips a beat. That was exactly what happened to a waitress named Carly on an ordinary day at the restaurant where she works.

Carly has a demanding job as a waitress. She takes orders, serves food, picks up dirty dishes and does it late into the night — always with a smile on her face. And on one recent day, Carly received an out-of-the-blue reward for all the hard work she does.

A woman entered her restaurant and sat down to eat. She was alone and Carly did what she usually does: She welcomed the woman with a smile and took her order.

While the woman ate, Carly stopped by several times to chat and make sure her food tasted good. Up to that point, Carly didn’t notice anything special about the woman — but that would soon change.

A handwritten note

When it was time to pay, the woman asked for pen and paper. Then after the she paid and left, Carly went to her table and picked up the bill. And that’s when she saw the handwritten note.

The note read: “I have waited for the right person since seeing this on FB… and you ROCK!!”

Carly took the note — and then saw a tip for $1,000! She could hardly believe it was true.

The story spread quickly on Facebook and when the incredibly generous tipper was contacted, she said, “The lady waiting on me was just so nice and so helpful and just giving me excellent service. And I just thought to myself, ‘Okay, she’s the one.’ There’s just something very gratifying about doing something for someone you don’t even know and who can’t pay you back.”

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