Teenager slips letter in stranger’s van – 8 years later, the phone rings

Kyle Cropsey has always been fascinated by a particular kind of vehicle: the Volkswagen microbus.

Back when he was 16 years old, Kyle got excited when he saw one — and slipped a note inside.

At the time, he was on his way to a beach and saw a vintage blue van with a white roof. Curious, Kyle went up to it.

The owner wasn’t there, and he noticed the window was open a crack and got an idea…

Kyle decided to write a note and slip it through the window. But he never imagined his note would be answered many so years later. This is a truly fascinating story!

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Kyle wrote a note to the van’s owner. He wrote “Please call me” and added his phone number. He slipped it through the window and aimed for the driver’s seat, but the note ended up on the floor.

His plan looked like it was destined to fail. He was a little depressed and thought the whole thing was pointless. The driver probably wouldn’t find the letter, and Kyle gave up the idea of ​​getting in touch with the owner to ask to see what it looked like on the inside.

But — he was wrong. Very wrong!

The owner of the van was named Cornelius. He found the letter, and although he never answered it, he also never threw it away.

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Eight years later, Kyle received a phone call. It was a number he didn’t recognize. He was probably a little suspicious, but nevertheless, he answered it.

On the other end was a voice of a stranger.

Kyle had never met or talked to the person before. But it was a conversation that would send Kyle’s life in a new direction.

On the other end of the line was Cornelius’ son. He had the old VW van! Kyle’s note had survived!

Cornelius’ son said that his father had passed away and that he had inherited all his father’s belongings. But it was his sister who found the note. It had moved them both so much that they decided to do something amazing…

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The siblings thought their dad would have wanted Kyle to have his dream car, so they gave it to him! After eight years, his teenage dream had finally come true!

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