These two-color rare roses are in demand after becoming a social media sensation

As more and more of us stay within the confines of our home we’re noticing what’s around us a lot more.

For those of us lucky enough to have a garden, making this space as beautiful as possible is a great way to spend our time; it helps to lift our spirits and makes us appreciate nature so much more.

For those of you who are already seasoned gardeners you may be interested in adding more color to your yard and what better way than with these stunning roses. Images of these beautiful flowers have become an internet sensation and just what we need to see during these challenging times.

There are 150 different varieties of rose but what makes the Osiria rose different is its blend of two striking colors.

Sometimes referred to as a hybrid tea rose they aren’t a common sight in gardens but now the seeds are available to buy.

This stunning rose was originally bred by Reimer Kordes in 1978 in Germany and then introduced to France.

Some believe they get their name from Osiris, the Egyptian god of fertility and agriculture while others think it’s named after a sunken empire similar to Atlantis called Osiria.

Whatever the correct idea behind this flower’s name, how it was created remains as much of a mystery as those that fashioned these hybrid flowers as they like to keep their methods secret to protect their introduction.

The Osiria rose has a strong fragrance with pretty petals displaying swirls of cherry red and creamy white.

However, some experts warn these flowers are not only difficult to grow but may not turn out as expected.

“Unfortunately, many of the images, on the internet, of the rose are highly photoshopped for dramatic purposes.  The colors in real life are not quite so dramatic, it seems,” one gardening enthusiast wrote on her website.

Tips for growing these beautiful blooms include planting them in beds and borders, planting in full sun and pruning every spring. You must deadhead regularly and don’t expect a lot of blooms immediately.

Wikimedia commons

I’m not sure I have the skills to grow such beautiful blooms, but I would love to see them in my garden!

Please share with all the gardening enthusiasts you know. If nothing else we can appreciate the images of these gorgeous flowers.