Those who can spot the woman in this picture are said to have an above average IQ

It’s good to exercise our brain with different puzzles and the more varied the better. From jigsaws to crosswords it’s all good for exercising our gray matter.

But a great brain teaser can be optical illusions; pictures that we need to study in order to spot the strange and surreal.

These are also a great insight into how our brain can sometimes trick us into seeing something as normal, what we expect, and forcing us to miss what is right in front of our noses.

One artist’s work is being shared around the world for the very clever way in which he hides real people in photographs.

German painter Jörg Düsterwald, specializes in body paintings and paints his models to blend into the background perfectly.

It’s said that if you can spot the lady in the picture below you have a higher than average IQ.

Rumble / AWM

If you can’t spot her don’t worry, not many people can.

Here she is closer up. It’s hard to believe she’s actually real.


I’ve yet to find someone who could spot her straight away. Our brains want to see just a normal fall scene but he’s such a talented painter you really need a closer look to spot her.

Check out more of his artwork in the clip below and see if you can spot the other painted models in his settings.

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