Tiny gymnast takes to the floor and performs dazzling routine nobody was expecting

I’m always amazed at the routines of gymnasts at a professional level; they seem to move their bodies in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. Watching very young gymnasts, it’s almost scary how flexible their bodies can be.

The amazing rhythmic gymnast Uliana Travkina showed such jaw-dropping talent from a very young age; clearly possessing the flexibility of a contortionist. After watching her, it will come as no surprise that she is an Olympic medalist.

Her routines were recorded and soon spread across the internet as people were shocked at what she could do with her tiny body. The routine in the video below, when she was such a young girl, left everyone is absolute awe of such raw talent. It’s truly exceptional.



There are a lot of gymnasts who start early and according to Healthlife magazine gymnastic veteran and coach Amy Van Deusen, even though classes are available for 2 and 3-years-old children, it’s best to wait until your child is 5 or 6 years old for a serious program.

Starting them early doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be ahead of all the other kids, according to the article with Deusen adding: “The risk of starting advanced gymnastics at a young age is potential burnout as a pre-teen,” Deusen says, quoting veteran gymnastics coach Rick McCharles.

She also says that other sports such as ballet, dance, soccer, and baseball can help your child stay active and practice the same hand-eye coordination needed in gymnastics.


Uliana clearly has a talent nobody can ignore and has gone on to achieve great things in the world of gymnastics.

Watch her unbelievable routine in the video below which has the audience clapping and gasping at her incredible moves.

The little girl has such an amazing talent and her smile continues throughout. Share this video with all the gymnast enthusiasts you know.