Watch this mom’s amazing catch to save her son from a fall

A Colombian mom and her toddler son nearly experienced an unspeakable tragedy due to a stairwell accident.

But the mom’s lightning fast reflexes saved the day.

As you can see in the video below, provided by CCTV World, a mother is checking her cellphone as her son wonders to the edge of the stairwell, which unfortunately looked to have very little in the way of railing or other barriers.

Photo from CCTV World

So, a crisis nearly happened when the boy tipped over and began to fall over the edge of the staircase, but the mom saw what was happening and was able to react in a flash!

Photo courtesy of CCTV World

Also, luckily, some good-natured bystanders saw the incident and came over to lend a helping hand.

Photo courtesy of CCTV World

According to the local publication El Espectador, the incident transpired in the offices of a construction company located on the fourth floor of a building in Medellin, Colombia.

The top comment under the video on YouTube, from a user named Michael Dean, questioned why there was such a large gap in the railings so as to allow a baby to potentially fall through.

Good thing the mom had such quick reflexes!

You can watch video of the entire incident below.

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