Woman shakes strange brooch out of sheets – freezes up when this is revealed on ‘Antiques Roadshow’

A few years ago, I started collecting antiques and memorabilia. I covered the walls of my living room with vintage posters and filled my cabinets with old trinkets. I even bought an old record player and started playing old 78 records from before World War II.

Collecting all of the items has been fun. I love combing through antiques stores and going to rummage sales in search of little pieces of history. And while it’s mostly just a hobby, I do sometimes dream of finding that rare treasure that might be worth thousands or even millions of dollars. Just like they do on “Antiques Roadshow.”

It might be a porcelain vase that’s been forgotten in an old cabinet, an odd watch that’s been lying in the back of a dresser or a dusty old painting that’s actually hotly sought after. “Antiques Roadshow” has churned out the most incredible stories of unexpected treasures over the years.

One “Roadshow” moment I’ll never forget is when this old lady appeared on the Swedish version of the show a few years ago.

Image Source: YouTube

On the show, the woman explained how she bought four sheets at an auction for 100 Swedish Krona ($12 USD).

Once she got home, the woman decided to shake the sheets out before she washed them. Then suddenly, something fell to the floor — a strange brooch.

Image Source: YouTube

The woman was curious about the brooch that she had just become the owner of.

So she went on “Antiques Roadshow” and talked to expert Jan Ribbhagen about the odd piece of jewelry.

Image Source: YouTube

That was when she got the shock of her life.

Ribbhagen not only revealed that the brooch was a rarity from the 1850s, but also told her that it was filled with diamonds. And when he told the woman how much the brooch was worth… well, you just have to see her reaction!

See the amazing moment here. The video is in Swedish, but there are English subtitles if you turn them on. Still, her wonderful reaction really needs no translation!

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