Woman, 97, steps into the stable: Then gets onto a horse and shocks everyone

Age is the last thing that should stand in the way of a person fulfilling their dreams. Still, I can think of too many times when I’ve thought “I am too old for this”.

Having seen the video of this 97-year-old woman, however, I realize that you’re never get too old for anything, as long as you have the will and your health.

Janet Fauks, from Oklahoma, had ridden horses in her younger days but at 97 years old riding a horse again was on her bucket list.

She didn’t hesitate in grabbing the opportunity at her local stables.

Staff and helpers at Cottonwood Creek Ranch were only too happy to oblige

When her family knew how much Janet had loved to ride in her youth, they wanted to give her the exciting opportunity again.

They arranged her bucket list wish as a Christmas present and took Janet to the horse-riding ranch so she could fulfill her dream.

Facebook / Janet Fauks

‘Beautiful moment’

She was introduced to the gentle giant horse Stretch and Janet was helped onto him. She took the reins before being led around the arena. She also took full control of the beautiful horse and even trotted.

“It was a beautiful moment to witness a fellow equestrian ride again with the help of family and friends,” said Jaclyn Jacobs, of Cottonwood Creek Ranch. “There are no strangers in the world of horses.”

Watch this beautiful moment in the video below.

Janet just lights up when she’s on a horse again. Such a wonderful sight. Please share to spread joy to others today.