Baby goats spot horse resting. A little later the camera captures the cutest scene

Goats are fun animals, especially when they want to climb and explore their surroundings; I could watch their quirky movements all day.

Anyone who has goats say they like to climb a lot, and after watching this video I see that now. The goat breeder has captured his baby goats exploring and it seems they’ve found the most patient of creatures to climb.



The beautiful horse has found a great spot to have a rest and enjoy her surroundings but his peace doesn’t last for long.

A trio of the cutest little goats spot the horse relaxing and well…they couldn’t have that!  The horse, called Mr. G, was clearly enjoying his rest when he suddenly felt something on his back. One of the little goats was attempting to climb onto him.


The animal owner spotted the adorable scene and just had to record it. The goats excitedly trying to get onto the horse’s back to play, all while the horse just sits their patiently.

Anyone with children can definitely relate to this scene: the horse resting while the kids go crazy. See for yourself in this very cute video below.

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