Dog found crying while trapped in hot car – officer can’t believe owner’s response

It’s that time of year again when pets are at risk of being left in hot cars and suffering an horrific experience that can sometimes even prove fatal.

As highlighted by vet Dr Ernie Ward, even with all windows cracked and a breeze, the temperature inside a car can quickly rise to an unbearable level.

It’s important that us animal lovers, who would never do this to our dogs, look out for other animals trapped in hot cars; this story is an important reminder.

Pet owner Tina was out walking her dog on a hot sunny day in Golden Colorado when she was alerted to the desperate whining and barking of a dog.

Tina couldn’t ignore it and found it was coming from a dog trapped in a hot car, with the windows slightly cracked.

The dog was panicking in the heat and running back and forth in the car, as if trying to find a means of escape.


Tina called the police. While waiting for officers to arrive, she stayed by the car and recorded the dog’s movements as evidence of how much he was suffering.

The woman said it “broke her heart” to see the large dog in distress, according to KDVR News.

Dogs can’t sweat it out like humans

When Deputy Kelly Fosler arrived at the scene, she was able to free the dog quickly as the car doors were unlocked.

Within minutes, Deputy Kelly Fosler had freed the dog and moved it to a shaded area.

 “When [dogs are] trapped in a car like that, they can’t sweat it out they don’t have anything to cool them down,” said Deputy Fosler.


The dog’s owner returned to his car and Deputy Fosler tried to talk to him about the dangers of leaving pets in a hot car.

“I don’t care. You guys have nothing else to do other than harass me and my dog,” the owner said, as reported by KDVR News.

Issued with a warning

As the owner wouldn’t listed to her, she called animal control officers who were shown Tina’s video.

The dog’s owner was given a state warning and was told he would be cited for animal cruelty if he is caught leaving an animal in a hot car again, KDVR News reported.


It’s important to report any dog that you see left in a hot car. Get the person’s license plate and alert authorities so the animal can be freed from their torturous conditions.

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