Liam Neeson says horse he worked with on new film remembered him from before: Here’s why

Liam Neeson has starred in them all, romances, comedies, action thrillers. His latest movie, set to be released on Netflix next month, is The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, a western anthology by the Coen brothers.

But, while on set he was introduced to an animal actor who seemed strangely familiar. The horse he was working with recognized him from a previous movie, according to Neeson who explained the animal’s actions when they set eyes on each other.

“I play a traveling impresario. We filmed in New Mexico. The odd thing is the horse who pulls my wagon knew me,” the actor said at the New York Film Festival, according to Page Six.

Neeson said he looked after the horse, when he first met him on the set of a Western movie he did a while ago, by giving him apples and other treats.

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“He whinnied when he saw me. And pawed the ground,” he said explaining that this behavior meant the horse recognized him.

According to Dr. Nancy Diehl, a vet who specializes in horses and their behavior, there were many studies that proved horses relied on all kinds of cues to recognize humans.


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“I think both our experiences and the science tell us that horses probably best recognize individual people by using all sorts of cues together: voice, physical characteristics, typical postures and movements, and the sequence of things happening the way they’ve learned to expect them to happen based on simple conditioning and reinforcement,” Dr Diehl told

Shortly after the story came out, fellow Hollywood actor Russell Crowe posted on Twitter, saying that he’s had two horses remember him over the course of his acting career — George and Rusty — whom he describes as “lifelong friends”.

Liam Neeson, a strong advocate for the NYC carriage horses, just gave a shout-out to the carriage industry on the "Live! with Kelly & Michael" show. Thanks, Liam!

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Neeson grew up caring for horses on his aunt’s farm in County Armagh, in Ireland, according to Men’s Journal.

Anybody who keeps horses knows they recognize the humans who love them. Now we know that as well as being an exceptional actor Liam Neeson is also an animal lover.

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