Owner issues warning following the death of her puppy who had been chewing this dog toy

Us dog lovers like nothing more than to shower our pampered pooches with all the love and treats in the world.

There’s nothing a dog owner wouldn’t do for the well-being of their pet – maybe thats why we provide them with lots of luxuries to enjoy, such as a comfy bed, and piles of dog toys.

There are so many fun dog toys out there, it’s such a joy to give a new toy to our dogs and watch them excitedly play with it for hours.

But one dog owner is warning other pet lovers to beware of one toy that she bought for her beloved pooch that ended in tragedy.

Humans should be extremely cautious when picking their dog’s toys because even if they seem harmless, they can cause serious health issues or even death.

Indria Tuckler posted her story on social media saying she bought a rope toy for her pets.

She starts with how she bought several ‘sturdy looking’ rope toy balls which are advertised as a toy that was impossible to destroy and gave it to her dogs to play with, according to an article on We Love Animals.

Shortly after she noticed the toy had been torn into pieces.

Facebook/Vizsla Dog Lovers

One of Indria Tuckler’s puppies, one-year-old Sam, chewed and swallowed some of the pieces.

Sam spotted them and threw them in the garbage, but the poor puppy’s health then went downhill as he suffered severe internal bleeding.

Tragically, two days later, Sam died.

Facebook/Vizsla Dog Lovers

Indria’s story was initially posted on Facebook, in the group Viszla Dog Lovers, but quickly spread and went viral.

Facebook/Vizsla Dog Lovers

“This was a senseless and avoidable death,” Tuckler wrote. “These items should not be sold for dogs. I believe there is power in numbers and if we can share Sams story maybe we can save a dogs life.”

And the same could probably be true for many cats. Your kitten could easily swallow thin rope or string and be put in the same type of dangerous situation.

These toys seems to be very popular among dog owners and could be bought at various places such as Petco and Homegoods. 

Indria says she hopes her dog’s death would serve as a warning for other owners to try to avoid such tragedy at any cost. 

So sad that Indria lost her beloved puppy. Rest in peace Sam.

Please share this important warning with all the dog owners you know!