Baby born so premature her chances of survival are slim – watch what happens when mom holds her for the first time

Holding your baby for the first time is a treasured moment. The euphoric feeling of meeting your baby after nine months is indescribable.

For baby that first skin-on-skin contact with mom is crucial as it’s the closest they get to being back in the security of the womb.

But what about those babies that are born premature and are so fragile they have to be put in isolation?

Most of those babies don’t get any skin-on-skin contact until weeks after they are born. But at one hospital staff thought differently; they saw it as vital for the health and development of that baby.

See this tiny baby being held for the first time by a very happy mom, it’s such a precious moment.


Angela and Michael Bakker were expecting a baby girl and couldn’t wait to meet their bundle of joy.

Unfortunately, that dream came to a screeching halt when Angela gave birth 15 weeks early.

Angela gave birth to her baby 15 weeks early when she was only 25 weeks old. She weighed less than one pound.

The chance of baby Naomi Joy surviving was slim to none.

Naomi was one of the smallest premature babies to be born in Reno, Nevada and staff at Renown Regional Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit worked around the clock to keep her growing.

After two weeks of intensive care staff decided to do something against the norm for a baby this small: let her parents hold her.

Released her from her bubble

Skin-to-skin contact is believed to help aid the development and health of a preemie baby, but Naomi had been placed inside a plastic bubble for two weeks, only allowed an occasional touch.

NICU staff decided it was time to break Naomi out of the bubble and allow her parents to hold her.

Eight nurses helped transfer Naomi from her bubble to Angela’s chest, she’s so tiny!

I think most moms can relate to the look of love and contentment on Angela’s face when Naomi is placed on her chest. All her anxiety just melts away.

Baby Naomi looks pretty happy to finally have the smell and feel of her mama again.

The staff then allowed baby Naomi to be held by her parents every day and she continued to thrive.

See the precious moment when Angela first holds her tiny baby in the video below.

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What a miracle baby. Good for these loving parents, and the remarkable staff that made this happen.

All blessings on you, and thank you God.

A mother’s touch is so important to a child and Naomi is living proof of this.

Looking at their nearly four-year-old girl I bet Angela and Michael can’t believe she was once so small.

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