Mom’s twins born prematurely: 30 minutes later, the doctor walks in and says “I’m sorry”

Although we have come a long way in medicine and can now know much about our child before they’re even born, nature always continues to surprise us.

British couple Nicola and Todd Bailey were already the proud parents of a four year old boy, Lucas, when they received further joyful news…

Nicola was pregnant again.

“I did have a weird feeling as I got bigger a lot quicker than my previous pregnancy,” Nicola said, adding that she also felt very sick, reports Inside Edition.


But soon, it became clear that there was a very good reason for this: Nicola wasn’t just pregnant with one child — she was expecting twins.

Nicola’s water broke in just week 32, but skilled doctors thankfully managed to stop her contractions. Two little babies, Harper and Quinn, could thus remain in mom’s belly a week longer before they were to be delivered.

Harper Quinn

“As soon as I saw them both, my heart just melted. They were both so beautiful,” Nicola said.

Because the girls were born prematurely, they were quickly taken care of by a doctor. But just 30 minutes after Harper was born, the doctor came back into Nicola’s room and said, “I’m sorry.”

Harper Quinn Lucas

Normal pregnancy

They suspected Harper had Down syndrome, something tests later confirmed.

Nothing during the pregnancy had appeared out of the ordinary and the parents had no idea that one of their babies had an extra chromosome until she was born, 38 minutes after sister Quinn.

Harper Quinn

“Our family is unique and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Nicola said.

“Harper is Harper and Quinn is Quinn,” she added. “They are not the same so I try not to compare them, however hard that may be.”

Harper Quinn

Nicola, who’s a nurse, is now hoping to raise more awareness of Down syndrome, which causes, among other things, a variety of intellectual delays as well as some physical limitations.

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