Baby’s cry saves new mom from coma, now nurse’s genius idea is being praised

The birth of a child is a joyful moment and a day that no parent forgets.

But childbirth still carries risks, just like when Shelly gave birth to her daughter, Rylan.

Shelly fell into a coma after delivering her daughter via a caesarean section – and nobody knew what to do. Then a nurse had an idea that would lead to a miracle.

Shelly and her husband Jeremy had been waiting this big day for a long time. They could finally welcome their daughter Rylan into the world. When they got to the hospital, everything was going to plan.

But after the birth, which required a caesarean section, their worst nightmare became reality.

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The doctors lost hope

Shelly lost a large amount of blood during the birth and fell into a coma. Her daughter Rylan was born healthy, but Shelly’s condition was critical.

The doctors around her began to lose hope, and after a week they still didn’t know what to do. Shelly was still in coma and no attempt to wake her up worked. But that’s when a nurse, Ashley, came to the rescue with an idea that would solve everything.

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Ashley knew that body contact was good for both newborns and their moms. Maybe it would also wake this mom up from her coma?

“We knew skin-to-skin contact is very beneficial for an infant, so we thought why not try it for a mom,” Ashley tells USA Today.

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Wanted to hear daughter’s cries

Dad Jeremy lay their tiny daughter in Shelly’s arms, and Rylan instantly fell asleep. But that wasn’t what Ashley was hoping for. Although it was a tender moment, it wasn’t what Shelly desperately needed. They wanted her to hear her daughter’s cries, to wake her up.

Jeremy didn’t want to make little Rylan cry, but he knew he had no choice. He pinched her lightly on her side so she started crying – and just after that, something incredible happened.

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Shelly began to move slowly and shortly afterwards, she woke up. The doctors took her to a special care unit where she could rebuild her strength – and prepare for life as a mother to her beloved daughter. The daughter who saved her life.

Both Shelly and her daughter are doing great today. Rylan is a happy and curious little girl who loves to sing and dance.

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After her daughter’s birth, Shelly probably thought she would never visit a hospital again, but she was wrong. Today she works in the emergency room of a hospital in North Carolina, where she can help people just as she was helped that day after childbirth.

At last, the family can enjoy life together – and thanks to Rylan’s scream, this story has a happy ending.

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