Health worker, 51, dies in husband’s arms while gasping for breath due to grueling battle with COVID-19

The coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world and at least 200,000 people have died to date. But behind every death figure there is a human being – with mourning relatives, family and friends.

In Essex, U.K., a devastated husband and two young boys are now forced to go on without their beloved mother.

Laura Tanner, a 51-year-old mother of two who had been working with the NHS for over a decade, died on April 1.

She passed away following a gruelling fight with COVID-1, leaving behind her husband, Kevin, 49, and her two sons, Kian, 13, and Ethan, 23.

Almost a month after her tragic death, husband Kevin is breaking the silence and opening up about the horrible experience as he held Laura in his arms during her final moments of life. 

 ”It was horrific – I still have nightmares,” Kevin told Echo News.

It was in mid-March that Kevin and Laura began to feel ill and developed symptoms of COVID-19. After barely a week Kevin started to feel better, but Laura’s health deteriorated.

She had a very high fever and Kevin felt compelled to call an ambulance. The ambulance arrived, but the paramedics decided that she didn’t need to be taken to hospital. A few days later, Laura died.

“Laura’s youngest son was in the house in his room. Laura hadn’t been able to get out of bed on most days, or eat, but this day she had gotten up and was fumbling around downstairs so I went down to check on her and it was like she was having a bad panic attack,” Kevins said

He continued: “She was struggling for a breath and was asking me to calm her down. I called 999 and got Laura a paper bag and sat with her but her breathing just got shallower and shallower.

“Her eyes went small and I could see it, she was going and then she passed. Paramedics came within 10 minutes and four of them worked on her for about an hour then took her away. Around 45 minutes later two of them came and knocked on the door and said ‘we’re really sorry. She’s gone’.”

Friends of the family have created a fundraiser and in relatively short time it has raised over $5000. Laura’s funeral took place last week in the presence of eight close family and friends.

I’m sending my condolences to Laura’s family, friends and colleagues. Absolutely devastating, we are so grateful to all those on the frontline working for our health care services.

Laura, may you RIP 🌈 🙏