‘Her skull was misshapen’: Mom describes seeing baby for the first time

Being pregnant and wondering what your new bundle of joy will look like is such a magical time.

The waiting and the wondering as a new life grows inside of you is something that so many parents dream about experiencing.

For Amanda Schuster and her husband Robert they had been trying to conceive for some time and thought something was wrong.

They already had a 5-year-old son but because they were aged in their 40s they thought their chances of a second may have passed them by.


Then suddenly the news that Amanda was pregnant again filled them with so much joy; they couldn’t wait for their first scan to make their dream a reality.

Healthy child

But when doctors took the scan it was a heartbreaking moment for them both after being told there was something wrong with their baby’s skull.

Amanda had already had genetic testing on the fetus at 10 weeks and the results indicated the child was healthy and that she was having a girl.


But after a few months of enjoying pregnancy and getting excited about their soon-to-be bundle of joy, Amanda had a scan and couldn’t believe the news.

Premature fusion of certain skull bones

The doctor told Amanda and Robert that their baby had some kind of dwarfism and it would be difficult for their baby to survive outside of the womb.

Thankfully the couple decided to get a second opinion and this time was told their baby actually had a condition called Pfeiffer Syndrome which causes premature fusion of certain skull bones and affects the shape of the head and face.


Like good, responsible parents the couple did their research and felt with better understanding they could come to terms with their child’s condition.

Eventually, Amanda went into labor and after a short procedure in hospital, the beautiful Emmy arrived.

“Even though we had prepared ourselves as best as we could, it was still a shock to see Emmy in the flesh,” Amanda said, according to Faith Tap.

“Her eyes were huge, her skull was misshapen, and they incubated her immediately before I even got to look at her. She also has the most beautiful blue eyes and dark hair.”


For the next four months, Emmy and Amanda had to stay in the hospital to make sure Emmy was able to breathe normally and was healthy in every other way, Faith Tap reported.

By the time Emmy was 18 months old, she had had around 20 surgeries and is expected to have many more in the future, according to the article.


Emmy may have a difficult future ahead of her but with the support and unconditional love around her she can go through life feeling secure. God Bless Emmy and her family . May her continued surgeries be successful!

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