Home Depot employees build walker for 2-year-old with hypotonia

2-year-old Logan Moore suffers from a condition that makes it difficult for him to get around.

His parents thought their toddler would benefit from a walker, but their insurance wouldn’t cover it so they browsed YouTube to find out how to make one themselves.

A video showed them that with PVC piping they could craft their own walker to help their son and with that they took a trip to Home Depot to grab the supplies.

When staff at the Georgia store discovered what Logan’s parents had planned they had a surprise for them, one which is now being shared all over.


Logan has hypotonia, which affects muscle tone and makes walking a problem.

His physiotherapist said that Logan would benefit from a gait trainer, but his parents didn’t think insurance would cover it so they decided to make it themselves.

When his parents visited Home Depot, in Cedar Town, Georgia, to buy the PVC pipe to make the walker they got chatting to staff about the tutorial they’d seen on YouTube.

“I found a video that looked pretty easy and got the list and took it to Home Depot to see if they had everything we needed,” Logan’s mom, Christian Moore, told CNN.

Staff got to work on the walker

The manager and an employee then told the family to go out for ice cream and come back in an hour.

“They started getting the parts together and told us they would put it together and would not charge us for it,” Christian Moore said.

When Logan and his family came back, they found staff had made the walker themselves, and even included Logan’s name on it — all at no cost.

Logan’s mom said she couldn’t believe they were willing to do that for her son.

One of the men who helped make the walker, Jeffrey Anderson, posted about the experience on his Facebook.

“Everyone was crying to see Logan walk around with the biggest smile on his face…Thank to all that help and for being a blessing to this family and to this little guy.”

“There are so many children out there with hypotonia, more than you would think,” Christian Moore added.

“I am grateful to be able to share that there are still good people around to help.”

I’m so glad Logan found these kind-hearted workers to help them.

That’s a true act of kindness! And I’m sure that kid was probably so stoked!

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