Boy with Down syndrome meets newborn brother for first time. His reaction is absolutely wonderful

When a family is expecting their second or third child, they never really know how their oldest are going to react.

Will they be jealous, try to get as much attention as possible or become an extra mom or dad who does everything they can to help with the newborn?

Kent is a wonderful 5-year-old boy who was born with one chromosome too many. He’s beloved by his family, and just over a year ago, his family got a new addition. Kent was overjoyed.

Posted by Cindy Merryman on Wednesday, 21 March 2018

In March 2017, Kent went to the hospital to meet his baby brother Noah.

Their parents knew it would be a special meeting, so they decided to film it.

Here’s what one of Kent’s grandmothers, Cindy Merryman, wrote on social media, according to  NTD:

“My Grandson Kent is the most loving boy in the world, he will be five this summer. Kent also has Down Syndrome. We were just blessed with little Noah on March 2nd. Kent’s reaction to seeing his little brother for the first time is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a very long time. True Love!”

A year ago…gosh i could kiss their faces off! Lol

Posted by Cindy Merryman on Saturday, 24 March 2018

And it really was a beautiful meeting. Kent rushed through the hospital halls to the room where his mother and newborn brother were, all the while clutching a blue teddy bear for little Noah.

When Kent’s dad lifted him up to finally get a first glimpse of his little brother, he was beaming. He carefully bent over and kissed Noah on the forehead.

Posted by Kristi Merryman on Wednesday, 15 March 2017

After a while, Kent was allowed to hold his little brother himself and you can really see that he’s proud as a peacock to be a big brother.

Then when Noah stretches his foot and Kent sees his tiny toes, he can’t help but give his little brother a tickle.

See the lovely meeting here:

This was a really nice meeting, one I think Kent and his family won’t soon forget. And how wonderful was it that they had a camera ready?

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